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Bring some variety to the coffee and tea station with these zero-calorie Stevia In The Raw packets.Use Stevia instead of sugar for a zero-calorie way to sweeten drinks and foods. This 800-count box of Stevia In The Raw packets can help keep everyone caffeinated without the extra calories. Artificial sweeteners. 0.04 oz. packets. Ingredients: dextrose and stevia leaf extract. Kosher certified. Contains 800 packets per box. It contains no calories and may be used in tea, coffee, smoothies, protein shakes or any recipe. Gluten-free. Sold as 1 Each.

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  • Stevia blended with other sweeteners. Enjoy your sweet moments with Stevia In The Raw zero calorie sweetener. Stevia In The Raw gets its bold sweet taste from the sweet leaves of the stevia plant, which grows naturally in the Americas and is now cultivated throughout the world. Each packet has the sweetness of about two teaspoons of sugar. Enjoy the sweet taste of Stevia In The Raw, without the calories of sugar. 0 calorie. Vegan. Sweeten a tea, a cup of coffee, hot or cold. Sprinkle it on cereal, douse a piece of fruit. Cook and bake with it too. Whatever you sweeten, just do it with Stevia In The Raw. Follow us at:; Twitter at intherawbrand and For all inquiries, call toll free 1-800-611-7434 or write to: Stevia In The Raw Consumer Inquiry Department, 2 Cumberland Street, Brooklyn, NY 11205. Please include production code number and 10-digit UPC number on bottom panel. Stevia is naturally sweeter than sugar. So, like many zero calorie sweeteners, it is blended with dextrose. This helps create the perfect balance of sweetness, making it easier to both pour and measure. Suitable for people with diabetes. Each packet contains less than 4 calories per serving which the FDA considers dietetically zero.

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