Glad Press’n Seal Plastic Food Wrap (140 sq. ft./roll, 2 rolls)





Model: 70460

Glad Press’n Seal Plastic Food Wrap (140 sq. ft./roll, 2 rolls) uses Griptex technology to protect food with a leak proof and airtight seal. Great for storing and protecting leftovers, this multipurpose 3-in-1 wrap seals tightly onto a variety of surfaces, such as paper, plastic, metal, wood, glass or other dry surfaces. The Griptex technology activates when pressure is applied and seals to itself, allowing you to create custom shaped food storage bags to freeze food or to make individual portions. With a quick press of a finger, Glad Press’n Seal Food Wrap keeps food fresh with a leak proof, air tight seal. It even has 10x tighter seal vs foil alone* and is durable enough for you to stack on top.

Multiple Uses:

Glad Press’n Seal Plastic Food Wrap has so many uses. It works well around the house or at work to keep things clean and protected. It’s even used for portioning and freezing food, stacking and storing, custom wrapping sandwiches, crafting or home improvements around the house. Press’n Seal wrap is simple to use for all ages and easy to handle. The wrap is BPA free and microwave safe. Glad® protects and seals with ease.

*vs. foil

**based on moisture loss in produce compared to no protection

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 4 in





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