Essential Daily Vitamins F0R Vegans

Essential Daily Vitamins, A plant-based diet is always good for your health as a vegan diet helps to reduce heart diseases and controls blood pressure. Some people choose to become vegan for ethical reasons, while others do it for their health. Regardless of the reason, following a vegan diet can be a healthful way to eat. However, there are certain vitamins and minerals that are significantly important for vegans. This blog post will discuss some of the most important vitamins and minerals for vegans, and how to make sure you’re getting enough of them.

Who Are The Vegans?

Vegans are people who avoid all animal products, including meat, dairy, eggs, and honey. Some vegans also avoid using animal-derived products in their clothing, cosmetics, and other personal care items. Today, there are an estimated 1.6 million vegans in the United Kingdom, and in the United States, the vegan population has doubled in the last three years, and it is estimated that there are now close to 7 million vegans in the country.

Despite, vegans getting their nutrition from plant-based foods nut they lack a large number of vitamins and essentials by avoiding meat and dairy products. So, how do they need to fill the nutrition demand of their body to be fully functional?

Does Vegans Need Vitamins?

A plant-based diet may help you to avoid the risk factors of heart diseases but for a fully functional body, you need some essential daily vitamins. Plants are full of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and so on but it’s not enough to operate the body function perfectly.

So, vegans need to have other daily essentials and vitamins which they won’t find on the plants. For this reason, vegans need to depend on other supplements, and food sources to find the vitamins that are missing from regular plants. So, yes, vegans do need vitamins and minerals to help the body to operate properly.

Here, our nutritionist discussed the essential daily vitamins for vegans which is very crucial. Let’s move to these sections.

What are the Vitamins for Vegans?

There are lots of vitamins and minerals you can find in the plants which are good for your health. These vitamins and essentials are Vitamin A, Vitamin B(B1, B2, B3, B6), Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin H, Quercetin, Fibers like Liganas, Beta-glucan, Inulin, Pectin, and so on. 

Other than that, there are some other essentials, vitamins, and minerals that you need to provide to your body to stay healthy. Those you can’t find on your regular vegetable diet so you need to depend on other supplements or foods that fill the Lackings of nutrition for vegans. Here, we have listed some important vitamins for vegans so that you can fill the vitamin demand from the sources.

Essential Daily Vitamins For Vegans

There are lots of essential daily vitamins for vegans that can be found in natural sources and supplements. Here, we have covered some of the main essentials and their sources for your convenience. Also, our nutritionist picked some supplementary essential daily vitamins for vegans for your convenience. Go through the supplements and pick your one accordingly.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 plays an important role in body function by controlling blood circulation, producing DNA, and maintaining a proper nerve system. This vitamin is good for your mental health and also increases your metabolism. The low amount of Vitamin B12 can lead to anemia and damage to the nerve system.

Natural Source of Vitamin B12 for Vegans: Breakfast cereals, plant-based milk, nutritional yeast extract, mushrooms, and tofu are the common sources of Vitamin B12.

Apart from natural sources, you can try this vegan supplement also.

NATURELO Vegan B12 1000mcg

Essential Daily Vitamins For Vegans
  • Made through fermentation.
  • Provides a perfect supply of B12 for vegetarians.
  • Ensures a high potency 100mcg dose.
  • Whole food supply with organic spirulina.
  • This B12 enriches energy and develops the brain with a functional nerve system.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is another key vitamin that can be found in some other natural sources. Sunlight is the main source of Vitamin D and meat, eggs are the food source of Vitamin D. But 40% of people don’t get enough sunlight and vegans don’t get the Vitamin D from animals so it creates Vitamin D deficiency in the body which can cause bone pain, muscle pain, and fatigue.

Natural Source of Vitamin D for Vegans: Mushrooms, plant-based milk (rice milk, almond milk, soy milk, oat milk), orange juice, and breakfast cereals are the common source of Vitamin D except for animals.

Apart from natural sources, you can try this vegan supplement also.

NATURELO Vegan Vitamin D 2500 IU

Essential Daily Vitamins For Vegans
  • This Vitamin D is sourced from wild-harvested lichen.
  • Naturally Bioactive vitamin D for your body.
  • Provides essential immune support.
  • Helps to absorb calcium which is important for bone and teeth.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K is very important for bone health and blood clotting. In absence of the Vitamin K in your body, your blood can’t clot so there will be excessive bleeding when you cut a part of your body. Vitamin K1 from Vitamin K is more vegan friendly as it directly comes from plants and seeds.

Natural Source of Vitamin K for Vegans: You can find Vitamin K in two forms where one is Vitamin k1 and the other is Vitamin K2. Broccoli, lettuce, green leaf, kale, collard green, and spinach is the source of Vitamin K1, and natto, kimchi, and non-dairy kefir is a common source of Vitamin K2.

Apart from natural sources, you can try this vegan supplement also.

Raw Whole Food Vegan Vitamin K Supplement

Essential Daily Vitamins For Vegans
  • All the K vitamins are included.
  • Support blood clotting and immune system.
  • Supports bones, nails, and muscles.
  • Extract from the raw whole food.


Calcium is commonly known as used for bones, however, it is also used for muscle grow also. Calcium helps stronger teeth and it helps to maintain good health for the heart. The less calcium in your body can cause you confusion and memory loss, breakable bones with weak nails, and depression in some cases. 

Natural Source of Calcium for Vegans: Fruit juice (fortified), calcium-fortified tofu, green leafy veggies, broccoli, cabbage, grains, cereals, plant milk, kale, and chia seeds are the common sources of calcium.

Apart from natural sources, you can try this vegan supplement also.

Plant Fusion Vegan Calcium 1000mg

Essential Daily Vitamins For Vegans
  • Scientifically proven premium quality vegan calcium.
  • Associated with clean bone strengthen formula.
  • Vegan D3, K2, Boron, and Strontium formulated calcium.
  • Fast absorption with bone density and strength.


Irons are one of the vital mineral nutrients that are truly essential for our body. Iron helps to transport oxygen from red blood cells to the rest of the body. Iron also helps to develop the brain and body structure of children. However, iron is important for women so a woman should take iron supplements if she starts vegan. Iron deficiency can lead you to weakness and fatigue, dizziness, or chest pain.

Natural Source of Iron for Vegans: Banana, lentils, tofu, cereals, nuts, spinach, potato, figs, raisins, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, and other green leafy vegetables are the common source of iron that can be found in nature.

Apart from natural sources, you can try this vegan supplement also.

Plant Fusion Vegan Iron Supplement

Essential Daily Vitamins For Vegans
  • Scientifically proven natural vegan iron supply.
  • Maintain a healthy hemoglobin level that transports oxygen to the blood.
  • Promotes healthy hair, nail, and skin.
  • Made of ferrochel which has a higher absorption rate than other iron supplements.
  • Good for anemia with a clean blood circulation formula.


Zinc is one of the most vital essentials that your body needs to operate functionally. Zinc helps to grow a better immune system, develop of body, and create proper metabolism for your body. You can’t store zinc in the body so you need to take zinc on a daily basis to fill the zinc demand in the body. To avoid hair loss, slow growth rate, and diarrhea you need to take zinc intake every day.

Natural Source of Zinc for Vegans: Most of the zinc sources are non-vegan so you need to have an idea that what should you take as zinc as a vegan. Zinc can be found on beans, lentils, whole grains, soya, seeds, and nuts.

Apart from natural sources, you can try this vegan supplement also.

NATURELO Vegan Zinc Supplement

Essential Daily Vitamins For Vegans
  • Formulated with 35mg of zinc citrate including Vitamin C.
  • Better immune system with the help of Zinc and Vitamin C.
  • Promotes healthy hair, skin, and nails.
  • Support as a beauty supplement for women.
  • Zinc extraction from natural whole organic food.


Iodine is another important mineral that helps to lead a healthy life. Iodine deficiency can lead you to goiter or swollen neck, fatigue, weakness, and slower heart rate. Iodine usually creates thyroid hormones that help to improve metabolism and repair the cell. Low iodine level in the body is always a threat to sexual, physical, and intellectual development. 

Natural Source of Iodine for Vegans: Iodized salt is one of the major sources of iodine in our body. Other than that, cruciferous vegetables, nuts, beans, peas, cereals, dry fruit, plant milk, and seaweeds are the organic source of iodine to fill the demand of our bodies.

Apart from natural sources, you can try this vegan supplement also.

iVegan Raw Whole Food Iodine Supplement

Essential Daily Vitamins For Vegans
  • Vegan Iodine from organic sea kelp.
  • Provides a proper metabolism and supports thyroid function.
  • Supports hormonal balance with a better immunity system.
  • High potency with maximum absorption with increased energy level.
  • Made in the USA with a guarantee of nearly 100% efficiency.

Omega-3 Fatty Acid

Omega-3 fatty acids are one of the important essentials that our body needs most. Fatty acids do help to lead to heart health, regulation of blood pressure, and a reduction of inflammation in our body. Due to a lack of fatty acids in our body, we may face itchy skin, dry eye, dry skin, depression, and acne problems. However, omega-3 fatty acids uses for producing cell membranes also.

Natural Source of Omega-3 for Vegans: Some kinds of seeds like chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, and hemp seeds are the source of omega-3 in our body. Other than that, nuts, plant oils, and packaged food (fortified) are the common source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids.

Apart from natural sources, you can try this vegan supplement also.

Sports Research Vegan Omega-3 Algae Oil

Essential Daily Vitamins For Vegans
  • Sourced from Algae oil for a replacement of fish oil.
  • Plant-based premium quality omega-3 fatty acids.
  • No use of fish oil and no fishy burps.
  • No seaweed, toxin, dioxin, or other toxic material is used in it.


Protein is the most common energy source for our body. It helps to grow muscles and develop bones and repair the tissues as well. Protein also helps to carry oxygen to all of our body parts and blood. Protein is mainly sourced from non-vegan and animals so it’s hard to find organic protein but there are lots of protein supplies you can find in nature.

Natural Source of Protein for Vegans: Extracting proteins from plants is hard to find but there are few organic sources of plants that provide proteins. Lentils, nut butter, buckwheat, tofu, beans, tempeh, and other green leafy vegetables are the main and common sources of protein that can be found in an organic way.

Apart from natural sources, you can try this vegan supplement also.

Four Sigmatic Organic Plant-Based Protein Powder

Essential Daily Vitamins For Vegans
  • A plant-based superfood with protein powder.
  • Made of pure vegan protein, mushrooms, and other veggies.
  • No additional flavor is used in it and organically sweetened.
  • Loads of plant-based nutrient-dense food and its extracts.
  • 18gm of protein, 2gm of sugar, USDA Organic, vegan, and gluten-free.

Should Vegans Take Vitamin Supplements?

Most of the proteins, vitamins, minerals, and essentials came from animals and non-vegan products. It is not possible to collect every vitamin from the plants and leaves so vegans need additional supplements of vitamins to match the demand of the body. On the other hand, we people lead a busy life in the first world so we don’t even have enough time to seek and take natural veg supplies.

So, yes, Vegans also need to take vitamin supplements and they should take vitamin supplements to make the body well functional.

Finally, we are coming to an end. If we recall, it’s not possible to have all the essential vitamins and nutrients from plants. For proper nutrition, you have to take specific veggies, plants, and seeds to cover the proper nutrition level. If you’re unable to manage time for having organic plants then you may go for vegan supplements either way which is also pretty good.

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